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Comfortwear for the comfort conscious.

Our clothes help you find comfort in what you put on your body, our community helps you find comfort in what happens in your head. 

Meet Waverles

A comfortwear brand launched in an age of mega uncertainty, i.e. 2021.
We believe confidence, comes from comfort, in our bodies, in the unknown, and in each other.
Hugged by sustainably sourced fabrics that we’ve spun into thoughtfully designed silhouettes, we at Waverles are on a mission to waver less and flourish more.       


We create timeless designs that adapt to our ever changing wants, needs, and moods, Comfortwear for any occasion. Let's show up when chilling out and chill out when showing up.


We build relationships and create spaces for compassionate dialogue, raw-fully honest and brutally kind. Thoughtful + intentional design = a delightfully pleasant relationship with your wardrobe. We strive to extend this intentional and thoughtful mindset in our daily lives and community through acts of kindness.


We take care of ourselves, each other, and our beautiful mama earth. Taking sustainable measures in clothing production should be an expectation, not an option. From our ethically and locally sourced Bamboo fabric to 100% recycled packaging and ecologically conscious distribution, we strive to do our part in the global move towards sustainable practices everyday. 


Do Good, Feel Good.

We make clothes that feel good on your body, mind  

We're on a mission to advocate for comfort, confidence and connection. Our goal is to support women by driving conversation around connection and finding comfort in oneself, all while developing products that do and feel oh so very good.

There is a huge need for advocacy and self education in the mental health space. This is why we’ve decided to take the pledge to be stigma free through NAMI –– the nation’s largest mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Through education, advocacy, awareness and assistance, NAMI provides individuals and families affected by mental illness a safe place to talk and receive the support they need so that they can build better lives. Let's drive conversation, support each other and end the stigma against mental illness. Together, we can advocate for a better world. Join us, and take the SigmaFree Pledge here